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PG Financials

Savings make you strong-. Wealth creation is not speculation; it is created in due course of time after investing in appropriate instruments with expert advice. It’s not important how much you save or invest, it’s more important how much your money saved grows.

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About us

PG Financials was formed in 2017 and is a registered partnership firm with more than 100 happy families involved with us. We believe in relationship management. Individuals you deal with in PG Financials are ex-bankers having expertise in the areas of domain of Banking, Insurance, Legal and have worked with renowned banks and institutions.

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    Our Services

    Mutual funds

    Invest with us to experience a the
    difference for with our expertise.

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    Investor Awareness

    As a part of our responsibility, we educate our clients and make them understand the investment ecosystem.

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    Tax Planning

    Plan to save your taxes by investing
    in tax saving instruments

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    Legal Bytes

    Know your legal rights and your constitutional rights and how to use them for protecting yourself.

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    Wealth Management

    Invest with us in different instruments for better
    returns and diversification.

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    NRI Services

    We offer exclusive NRI services with appropriate guidance in investments, tax planning, Legacy planning.

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    Finance & Legal

    Our Legal background provides us deep understanding of people, risk, and legal magnitudes associated with an individual, whereas our Financial management skills help us for pushing momentum towards your current investment and by learning the investor psychology and nurturing decision-making ecosystem to live within.

    Our Propositions

    Mutual fund advisory services

    Portfolio Management Schemes in Equities and custom products.

    We offer NRI services and represent you in India in your engagements.

    We offer you Wealth management services & Real estate services.

    We offer Legal services with PG Financials, you deal with ex-bankers having expertise in the areas of the domain in Banking, Insurance, and Legal and have worked with renowned banks and institutions

    We assist you in fraud fighting & irregularity as we represent you with your complaints in consumer disputes with banks or any financial institutions

    We welcome you to our platform and hope to have a fruitful relationship.


    What we offer-

    Your wealth inheritance from your last generation to ancestors

    Your succession in case your ancestor has deceased instate.

    Transmission of shares and securities of any deceased

    Transmission of mutual funds, Bank FD’s and bonds of the decesead.

    We provide a complete wealth and legacy planning