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How to select which fund shall be good to you

Consider your investment objective (horizon, how long you can continue with the investment)

Choose the fund that best fits your time frame. Although you make good profits after 18 months, equity investments are recommended for a timeframe of more than 3 years.

To earn the indexation advantage, debt funds should be held for at least two years. Take into consideration your age. Prefer equity if you are under the age of 35. You have the option of holding the investment for a longer period of time.

If you are nearing retirement or a senior citizen, you ought to have only 25% equity and the rest in debt. You should think about a balance advantage fund or an equity debt fund.

Do not be misled by anyone spreading rumours and speculations.

New fund offers do not outperform older funds. Because mutual funds are based on their net asset value, consider the scheme’s objective and portfolio rather than the price of the NAV.

Do not panic whenever the market falls; rather, stay invested and buy more when the market drops. Always seek the guidance of a professional financial planner. Panicky decisions often cause you losses which are hard to recover.

Do not treat mutual funds as a short-term gain instrument because there are special tax treatments for short-term gains, as well as exit loads on certain equity funds that can cause you to lose some of your earned money.

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